House Rules - COVID 19

Here we will talk you through a few house rules we need to stick to for the next little while.


Having Covid 19 or the vaccination is classed as a change in medical history, our insurance company has advised us that if you have had either, we legally have to patch test again. 


We have also been advised that once you have had the vaccine, we have to wait 2 weeks to patch test, and cannot carry out any treatments requiring a patch test within this period. 


This is unfortunately the case for Dose 1 and 2. 


So if, for example, you’ve had Dose 1 in March and Dose 2 is scheduled for June, we could patch test you now, carry out the treatment no sooner then 48hrs later, up until your second jab. Then we would have to wait 2 weeks, patch test again, wait 48hrs and then carry out the treatment. 

The reason for this is, there is a chance that Covid 19 and the Vaccine can make you more susceptible to an allergic reaction.

Treatments Requiring Patch Tests:


Lash Extensions

Lash Lifts

Brow Lamination

Lash and Brow Tint



We will require all clients to wear a mask. We know they suck, but needs must I'm afraid. If you don't have a mask, we will be supplying very fashionable, highly sought after, blue disposable masks at the small price of 50p to cover costs. This can be added to your online invoice or you can pop 50p in the pot at the beauty salon.


When arriving to the salon, please be on time, if you are early you will have to wait outside, if you are late we will have to reschedule, we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe and control how many clients are coming in and out of the salon at any one time. We will have no waiting area for the time being so once your appointment is finished, you will have to leave, even, unfortunately, if you have wet nails. We will do all we can to get you out without any dreaded smudges.


Before entering the salon, we will be taking temperatures with a non contact gun. We will also send all clients a consultation to complete online before their appointment, if this is not completed we will have to complete it outside of the salon before your treatment can start. This will cut into our time with you so please complete online if possible.


Please bring only essential items with you, phone, keys etc. They must be able to fit into a small basket. We will ask you to place your items in said basket, and then wash your hands. We will then carry the basket through to the treatment room for you and ask you not to touch your belongings until it's time to leave the salon. As always, its for everyone's safety, we are just trying to keep things as clean as possible.


No guests, we understand this could cause problems for some of our clients, and truly, we are so sorry to ask this of you, but we need to stick to government guidelines of how many people it's safe to have on site whilst adhering to social distancing. 


For all services, please try to sit with your head turned slightly to the side if possible, this reduces the chance of spreading and again keeps us all a little safer. Please arrive with clean nails (no polish) if possible for manicure and pedicure treatments. 

Finally, if you have felt unwell, or think you may have been exposed, please refrain from coming into the salon until you are fit and healthy again, in line with government guidelines, if you feel unwell after your appointment, you must get in contact with us ASAP to inform us. 

That's the big stuff, we will be wearing visors/goggles plus a mask, disposable aprons and gloves where necessary. We will continue to sanitise our tools and equipment as we always do and for those worrying, yes, you can still use our loo and we have plenty of toilet roll.