Microblading is a form of permanent tattooing. A sterile single-use hand tool is used to create small cuts into the skin implanting pigment to form hair like strokes.

This procedure is classed as permanent because some of the pigment could remain in your skin indefinitely, however, over time it will fade. Most clients opt to have a colour boost appointment annually to refresh the strokes and colour.

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Sam Jarvis has had over 10 years in the beauty industry and trained with KB Pro - Karen Betts, a leading training company in the UK and is a member of The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC).

"Since training in Microblading, I have absolutely loved creating natural fluffy brows, I will help you to decide on the design of your brows to best enhance your face shape and features, skin and hair colour to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing brows. I am a perfectionist and have a great eye for detail. 

I have been trained in Advanced Cosmetic Procedures for over 6 years so have a very good knowledge of health and safety and infection control when it comes to the more advanced services. So you can rest assured that you are in very safe, clean hands." - Sam Jarvis


If you are interested in booking an appointment with Sam, please read through the below documents before enquiring. Then we can send out a Pre Treatment questionnaire to check your suitability for the procedure. We will then either post out a patch test kit or you can come to the salon for this to be done in person. We look forward to hearing from you!


Do you shave my eyebrows off before microblading?

Absolutely not! We work around the hairs, there is no need to remove them, however, during mapping out the design of your brows, we may need to tidy away some stray hairs but this won't be done until you have agreed on the design.

Does it hurt?


Well...yes a bit. It's a form of tattooing, for most it's more of an annoyance than pain, and much less painful then a standard tattoo as Microblading is gentler and less invasive. Many clients are very surprised at how little discomfort they experience. Most of my clients have rated the feeling on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a tickle and 10 being the worst pain you could imagine. Almost all of my clients have said it's between a 2 and a 5. Some clients have even said they could fall asleep!