Vitalixir Nail Strengthener

Vitalixir Nail Strengthener

Get your dry, brittle nails back on the healthy track with Vitalixir No-Light Keratin Natural Nail Treatment from Gelish with 20% active ingredients for unparalleled results. Unlike other products that only cover natural nail damage, Vitalixir Keratin Nail Treatment rescues nails by going straight to the source of the problem. By cross-linking with damaged nail keratin to correct breaks, splits, and peels VitalixirTM gives you the best nails you’ve ever had!

You’ll see instant results as Vitalixir not only protects damaged nails but actually repairs them! The B5 Pro Vitamin Organic Complex keeps nails moisturized even under harsh environmental conditions.


With Vitalixir, nails can get their healthy luster back quickly and safely! For best results, use daily for two weeks; then apply to the natural nail every other day. For extremely damaged nails, use up to 4 weeks prior to resuming use of lacquer and other nail enhancements.


Top benefits of Vitalixir No-Light Keratin Natural Nail Treatment include:

  • 20% active ingredients for instant results

  • Correct breaks, splits and peels

  • Saturates and resurfaces nails with powerful hydrolyzed Keratin peptides

  • Protects with exclusive B5 Pro Vitamin Organic Complex

  • Instantly restores a healthy glow

  • Salon tested